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Stone display stands mainly for displaying a number of items such as precious stones, tiles, mosaics, carvings ledge stones, and lots more. You can use them at home, exhibitions, showrooms, offices, etc. They have display boards, and countertops, where you sit items for advertising in showrooms. That’s why they’ve become very important for stone business and for pleasure.

There are various types, models, colors of stone displays racks that serve various purposes. Some stands come in ceramic, marble, mosaic aluminum, wood, and even sand materials. You should consider assembly simplicity and durability while making your choice of stone display stands.

Here are the most popular types of Stone display stands

Slab Display Stands

Slab display stands look like a big book when viewing it from the front. They are easy to flip, made with granite or marbles, and suitable for big tiles and objects. The Slab is a Stone display rack type that is mainly for displaying large objects or materials measuring up to 240* 120cm. The slab display stands have an amazing look and a page type slab. You can install some of them with colorful Led lights at the top for a more appealing and attractive look. They are important for exhibitions and showrooms.

Floor Tile Display

The Stone display rack does not use top slabs; instead, they display objects at the base and comes in various shades. This type of Stone display stands can serve you at home but also suitable for supermarkets, drugstores, exhibitions, shops, and offices. They come in high-quality materials. Moreover, they occupy minimal space and are easy to assemble. Also, they come in different sizes, colors, and can serve in displaying tiles, marble, stones, wood, and other items. Some of them come in steel or MDF ( Medium-density fiber). However, the steal made floor racks are more durable and stronger but more expensive than the once made with MDF. They appear simple but can display your items in a natural way that would delight your customers.

Mosaic Display Stands

Mosaic display stands are relatively expensive, but they have a lot of advantages. They are easy to clean, extremely durable, environmentally friendly, and adds exceptional beauty to the room. There are different variants of the mosaic Stone display rack, and some of them have a rotating view. The rotating display stand is pleasurable to view and can aid you in sampling Mosaic materials. There is a different variant of the Mosaic display stands. Some are products of granite, marble, or aluminum. But they all enable customers to check out the samples and make a comparison between them. Since mosaic samples are light, the mosaic Stone display stands can serve well in displaying many samples at once.

Cabinet Racks Display

Cabinet rack displays are made with various rack types in other to meet various sample display requirements. They occupy minimal space and are very easy to set up in shops, showrooms, offices, homes, etc. They provide good decorations for the places you install them. Also, they are a good item for selling products. It has become very popular today because of the professional look and eye-catching design pattern they offer.

Stone Parquet Display

The stone Parquet display can be perfect in displaying marbles, jewelry, pendants, medals, and lots more. They offer a dynamic way to impress your customers and also house your accessories. Stone Parquet Display has a unique build with resistant floor materials, it is an attractive display, and it can give great value to priceless items. They are suitable for the bedroom, stores, showrooms, kitchen or bathroom and you can put natural stones in them. Some come in steel while others are of wood, and they are easy to mount and move. They are one of the best stone display boards for exhibitions, promotions, and trade shows. Most of the Stone Parquet displays come in the waterfall model, which gives it a distinct look.

Stone Step Display

The Stone Step display has a step-down display pattern and is of marble or granite. It is a great display option because the design is like a home stair. There are different tier step displays, but the 3 tier display is the most common in the market today. Furthermore, you can use them to display items in different colors and shades of natural stones and other materials.

Using them to display objects at home can give viewers cheery warmth. However, they can also be used to decorate outdoor spaces because they are of ceramics.

Stone Sink Display

Granite sink and Marble sink have become trendy decorative items for hotels and homes. Stone Sink displays can give an attractive feeling to people on first sight because of its unique looks. Some are made with wood or aluminum, while others are from raw sandstone, but they all offer a stunning appearance when installed. It has the shape of a circular basin and has become an obvious choice for store owners.

Stone sink displays made from sandstones are softer than those made from aluminum or wood, but they are no less durable and can resist condensation and fading.

Culture Stone Display

Culture stone displays are unique items designed to display cultural heritage. The racks are usually framed with steel and do not require an MDF board. They can be used to display on walls, and they present cultural stones in a straightforward approach. The design is such that it holds sample sizes of 15 * 60 and, in some cases, 18 * 35 CM. Cultural stone displays serve well in outdoor and indoor walling decorations.

How to choose.

Outdoor or indoor use: Some sandstones are mostly for outdoor displays, while others are better suited for indoor use. You should consider where you want to display your object before opting for any.

Size of Sample: The size of your sample is an essential factor to consider when choosing a sandstone display. Some can accommodate a larger object while others are most suitable for smaller objects.

The shape of Sample: The shape of your sample should play a major role in your selection criteria. Some stone display manufacturer does not design their stone display board to accommodate large objects. For example, the stone step display is not suitable for circular samples because their stone display board is sloppy, and the objects would fall off. Stone Parquet Display is also not ideal for circular objects because of their waterfall design model. However, a Stone display manufacturer can make a custom design for you based on your preference.